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Contributing to Society by Providingthe Highest Quality Homes at the Lowest Price

・Established in 1998
・Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange first section in 2013
・Core product is custom-built wood-frame houses with flexible designs
・One of Japan's leading homebuilders based on the number of orders received each year
・Customer satisfaction rate of 91.4%(According to our research)
・About 240 model home display sites throughout japan
・Special benefits for shareholders


Business Activities

Our Position in the Housing Market

New Custom-built Detached Housing Market

TamaHome's Housing segment constructed 972,522 new detached homes in the year ended 2017, which occupied 56% of the total new detached housing starts in Japan.

But, a decline in the new custom-built detached housing market over the long term is unavoidable but to a decrease in population and number of households.
Number of Housing Starts (privately-owned homes and detached homes)
(1,000 homes)
Privately-owned homes
Detached homes
Share Rate of Construction Method

TamaHome's main business is the custom-built home construction segment (Housing segment). In the Japanese housing market, wooden homes occupy 80% of the whole industry.

Source: Number of new housing starts, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Our Advantage

A company that began with a firm commitment

A company that began with a firm commitment
When I was in my 30s, I went to the United States to learn more about the homebuilding business. I was shocked at the big differences in the prices of land and homes in Japan and the United States. U.S. houses cost about ?300,000 per tsubo(1 tsubo = 3.3m2). I saw that this low cost helped give people more enjoyable and fulfilling lives. I realized that supplying low-cost houses in Japan would improve the lives of people here as well. People would be better able to make the arts and culture part of their lives. This is the thinking behind my dedication to supplying low-cost housing.
I established TamaHome specifically for the purpose of fulfilling this commitment.

Yasuhiro Tamaki, President and CEO

The spirit of using innovative ideas in the housing industry to contribute to society is still at the heart of the TamaHome Group's activities. This spirit along with ambition to take on new challenges is our greatest strength.

An infrastructure for low-cost, high-quality houses

Centralized oversight of every homebuilding step from purchasing materials to construction
TamaHome does not build houses by using the conventional step-by-step method. By using approaches that are not limited by existing concepts and systems, we can perform every step. For example, we place orders directly with suppliers and directly oversee construction work. This approach allows us to build houses faster and at a lower cost. Overall, our flexible thinking results in homes with outstanding performance in relation to their cost.

High-quality home fixtures procured directly from prominent manufacturers

Unit kitchens, unit bathrooms, bathroom vanities and other fixtures play a key role in producing the desired atmosphere of a home. We purchase all of these items directly from companies that are among the leaders in their respective fields. Customers can select fixtures from a lineup of products from a number of manufacturers. Offering this level of freedom is a major reason that our homes achieve such a high level of customer satisfaction.

Leveraging the benefits of a large scale of operations

TamaHome consistently ranks among Japan's leaders in terms of the number of home orders received each year. We are determined to build on the strong support of our customers to make more progress with supplying safe and comfortable homes at reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction is always our primary goal.

Our goal

The TamaHome Group has grown by supplying quality homes at low prices. We have accomplished this by constantly seeking ways to make existing construction methods more efficient by eliminating waste from the process for building custom-built homes. Due to our efforts, a new category is emerging in Japan's housing sector: the low-cost, high-quality home market. Having reached this point, our goal now is to make more progress in our core homebuilding business while extending operations to cover peripheral business activities.