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When was TamaHome established?
June 3, 1998
Please provide basic information about the company.
Please see theCompany Profilepage for this information.
What are the main business activities of TamaHome?
The construction of custom homes is the core business. We also have a number of activities that are associated with this core business. Other activities are mainly the sale of houses, home renovations and remodeling, apartment and condominium operations, an insurance agency, and interior decoration and finishing work.
What strengths distinguish TamaHome the most?
We use a distinctive business model to supply high-quality homes at low prices. This model has three key elements. First is extensive measures to optimize operating and construction efficiency in order to hold down expenses. Second is an efficient advertising strategy for making many people aware of our company and its strengths. Third is a large scale of operations, including a nationwide network of model home sales areas, that allows us to purchase materials at very low prices. See Our Business for more information.
What types of homes and other products do you sell?
The Dai-Anshin-no-Ie ("Big Confidence Homes2) series of houses is our main product. We also have a large variety of other products to meet our customers’ requirements.
Where are your business offices and sales locations?
We have operations in all 47 prefectures of Japan.
What is TamaHome doing to maintain sound corporate governance?
Please see the Corporate Governance page for an explanation of corporate governance.
When is the end of the fiscal year?
It is the end of May every year. We will announce its financial results on August. About the achievements, We disclose it quarterly.
I would like to see a latest achievements trend.
Please refer to Financial Highlights page.
Please provide Indices of financial performance.
This information is on the Management Indices page.
I would like to know about the latest results.
Please refer to Presentations on the IR Library page.
I would like to see documents regarding to the financial statements and IR information.
A variety of information for investors is available on the IR Library page.
What are the major risk factors that may affect your performance?
Please refer to Risk Factors page.
When were TamaHome’s shares listed and where is the stock traded?
We Listed in March 27, 2000. We listed on Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Fukuoka Stock Exchange.
What is the stock code? Where can I see basic information about the shares?
The stock code is 1419. Please see the Stock Information page for more information.
Is the trading unit several stocks?
It is 100 stocks.
What is your policy for dividends and other benefits for shareholders?
Please see the Distribution of Profits page for this information.
When is a general meeting of shareholders ?
General meeting of shareholder will be held within three months from the fiscal year-end (record date: May 31).Pleasesee the IR Calendar page for the schedule of the event.
I would like to know about distribution of shares.
Please see the Shareholder Information page for this information.