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To Offer the Highest Quality at the Lowest Price and the Fastest Service

To Realizie the Highest Quality Homes at the Reasonable Price

“Living a fulfilling lifestyle by building a satisfying home” is our dream. We have revolutionized the cost and process related to construction by eliminating even the smallest amount of wastefulness, without conforming to existing practices, to realize this dream and deliver it to our customers as quickly as possible. We recognized that in order to provide the highest quality housing at a reasonable price we need the trust or our customers. This allows us to gain the advantage of scale by procuring materials with volume orders and purchases.

Consolidated Management of the Entire Building Process from Ordering Materials to Managing Construction

We have adopted a direct purchasing approach of products and construction management instead of the Accumulating Pricing Method which has been the conventional way to do business in the housing industry. We have also achieved cost reduction and shortened construction periods. By doing so, we have successfully incorporated cost-effectiveness outside of traditional concepts.

*Accumulating Pricing Method: Calculate the total price by accumulating the direct cost per unit of output plus its overhead costs and profits in the estimation.

High Grade Housing Appliances Ordered Directly from the Leading Manufacturers

All of the high-grade housing appliances that are indispensable to a rich and colorful lifestyle, including system kitchens and bathrooms as well as bathroom vanities, are ordered directly from leading manufacturers. Our customers can feel fulfilled because they can freely select the appliances they desire from a wide-range of brands.

Scale Benefits Exceeding 10,000 Houses Completed Each Year

TamaHome has succeeded in completing around 10,000 houses of industry leading performance each year thanks to the support of so many of our customers. TamaHome will keep trying to offer higher quality at a reasonable price because of this record of satisfaction.