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Philosophy at the Foundation of TamaHome

Confronting the Excessive Cost of Japanese Housing

“Serving Communities by Providing the Highest Quality Housing at the Lowest Price” has been the managing principle of TamaHome since its establishment in 1998. In those days, it cost a lot of money to build your own house in Japan. That is why I believe everyone can attain an even higher quality of life if the cost of housing can be brought under control. Building the highest quality homes at the lowest cost, regardless of income scale, offers a more comfortable lifestyle. We have fought to build homes that eliminate common real estate practices and decrease conventional costs in half without reducing quality. We strive to support communities through the housing industry by providing excellent homes at the lowest price to our customers. This is the heart of TamaHome. When this principle was gradually starting to be accepted by customers and the entire industry alike, I offered my experience to several hundred companies around Japan free of charge. We have developed superior technology that needs to be standardized and taught in order to support the housing industry throughout Japan. As a result, even higher quality housing can be built at an even more reasonable price.

What is a reasonable price? I feel a reasonable price is not simply calculated by the value of a product, but should also include all of the quality and service at that same price. Our price allows our customers to rejoice. In other words, our business aims at satisfying customers. There is a good example that shows our fundamentals of business. Imagine that you have a customer who wants to eat a delicious bowl of ramen; Chinese noodles in soup. We will satisfy the customer by making the most delectable ramen possible at a reasonable price. To be more accurate, it means that TamaHome shows customers that we are capable of building homes at a price lower than our competitors while providing first rate quality and the best materials in the housing market. We take pride in providing homes that offer superior comfort and safety.

Building Quality Homes Starts by Developing Good People

Excellent employees are indispensable when it comes to building quality homes. We share our philosophy not only our own employees, but also with every person on-site including the outsource construction contractors and craftsmen we hand pick to achieve our aim. That aim is building quality homes. Therefore, we make every effort to develop our employees on their first day at TamaHome. We have found that as a person, and as a part of the community, greetings are the most basic practices. Expressions such as “Good morning”, “Thank you very much”, “Smile at least once every three minutes” and “follow through with all of our promises to the customers”, etc. is the first step in gaining customer satisfaction with TamaHome. We will continue to develop superb employees and create a comfortable on-site atmosphere in order to earn our customer’s trust and respect. We achieve this by providing positive and friendly staff members, as well as craftsmen that offer the best possible experience.

Building Homes aimed at the Future

TamaHome adheres to all Japanese laws and regulations, but we also look to the future by working to find new technologies so that we may find ways to satisfy customers and contribute to society. For example, in addition to selling housing with rooftop greenery, we are taking part in collaborative research, and the development of new aseismatic technology with the Tokyo Institute of Technology to find new ways to build houses.

We strive to contribute to the conservation of the environment by utilizing domestic materials from woodlands that offer reforestation based on Japanese environmental policy. As these forests grow, they can reduce CO2, which causes global warming, and circulate resources through the proper management of forests. Domestic materials have been traditionally used to build wooden houses for a long time, but most construction materials are currently imported because of the way of building houses has drastically changed with the times. Mountains in Japan will die out if these domestic materials are not used and CO2 will no longer be naturally reduced. If this trend continues, Japan will not be able to reach the government’s goal of “reducing CO2 emissions by 25% less than the levels in 1990 by 2020.” Therefore, we will continue to work with our business partners to utilize domestic materials.

Striving to be a Company Needed by the Communities

The TamaHome Group has opened more than 220 showrooms in the whole of Japan (June 2012). TamaHome is expanding globally over the next ten years as the TamaHome Group focuses on businesses related to “living”: such as furniture, real estate, and finance. Building homes for a large number of customers is connected to building communities. The better the homes, the better the community. For this reason, TamaHome conducts business in a wide-range of fields and always acknowledges a high level of social responsibility. We believe the moment a company can contribute to society is the moment it will become a full-fledged organization. If a company does not use some of the precise revenue received from its customers to benefit society, it will not be sustainable.

As a leading company in the housing industry, we feel it is our responsibility to build quality homes that fill our customers with joy as well as contribute to society and the environment of the world. We will keep trying, without changing our philosophy, even as the times change. Don’t take your eyes off of TamaHome. We will do our utmost to live up to your expectations.