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Building Homes and Communities

Expanding a Wide-range of Businesses to Supporting“Living”

The TamaHome Group develops and offers products and services capable of providing the most fulfilling lifestyles while focusing on the principle axis for our customers; “Living”. Currently, our business has expanded into real estate, rental properties, and renovation; as well as financial services with residential construction as our core. In the future, we are planning to expand our businesses further to support the lifestyle of our customers through various ways including: ad agencies, interior support networks (ISN)*, furniture: wholesale and retail, real estate networks, and other types of businesses that are conducive to offering higher quality lifestyles.

*ISN: Businesses that support customers selecting lighting and curtains for their new homes

TamaHome’s primary business is constructing custom wooden homes with a flexible choice of design. We currently have showrooms that exhibit in 46 different cities and prefectures so that our customers can visit, see, touch, and be satisfied with the houses constructed by TamaHome. We also take part in building condominiums that offer a total living climate attune with each specific town and landscape.
Renovation TamaHome also provides renovations to further satisfy the requests of our customers. The renovations and extensions we provide include construction related to water fixtures, such as system kitchens, system baths and toilets, installations through our“EcoCute”* product and solar power systems as well as roofing and exterior wall construction. *EcoCute: Energy efficient electric heat pump, water heating and supply system.
Rental Housing TamaHome also constructs housing complexes for rent utilizing the experience we have gained in “Building High Quality Housing at Reasonable Prices”.
Real Estate In the real estate industry, TamaHome is involved in development planning and construction in addition to selling condominiums, selling residential land, subleasing, and real estate investment. We strive to upgrade the real estate information service by expanding the network of affiliates throughout Japan even further as TamaEstate.
Finance TamaHome provides insurance services including fire, earthquake, and life policies in the event that the worst occurs. We also consult with our customers about financing and repayment of loans, when buying a home, in the interest of proposing the financial plan that fits their lifestyle. This business aims to support our customers from a financial perspective by offering the client and their families the most comfortable and secure homes.
New Business
TamaHome is forging into new business regions related to “Living” which includes operating “TamaNet” a portal website to support day-to-day life. We also offer a home assistance service called the “Happy Life Club” whose purpose is to work out any problems that you might have with your home. We will do our utmost to live up to your expectations.
TamaHome Group
Tama Home Co., Ltd.

Construction, Architectural design, Real estate, and Insurance agency

Tama AD. Co., Ltd.

Advertising planning and production firm

Tama Finance Co., Ltd.

Pecuniary loans, reimbursements, and liability guarantee

Tama Living Co., Ltd..

Furniture planning and development, furniture wholesale, distribution, and wholesale and distribution of commercial interiors

Tama Agri Co., Ltd.
Production, processing, sale of agricultural commodities, printing business and substitute administration duties

Tama Home Okinawa Co., Ltd.

Construction, Architectural design, and Real estate

Japan Wood Co.,Ltd.
Wholesale and retail sale of housing equipments(Solar system,EcoCute system etc.)

Zaijyu Business Co.,Ltd.
Various guarantee, damage insurance planning, operation, insurance agency,consulting and administration duties.

Tama Global Investments Pte. Ltd.
Real estate investment and private equity investment

Tama Home (Cambodia) Ltd.
Serviced Apartment Operation Business

Tama Home Ameriaca LLC (State of Hawaii)
Real Estate Development etc.