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Building Housing that is Loved Longer. Ensuring Everlasting Comfort Building a Life Filled with Joy Starts with Building a Home

A home is the place where residents create happiness. A good house provides a good life. Building excellent houses makes the owner’s dreams a reality and we feel pride in understanding the great responsibility of assisting them in creating that happiness.“Dai-Anshin no Ie” means finding a house that begins the lifestyle our customers dream about while assuring them of price, structure, and comfort. This brings them a step closer to a happy home. We help our customers find happiness by building housing they can love longer because it gives them the most comfortable of lifestyles.

Housing TamaHome Strives to Build

Building Houses with three Assurances

●Free Designs/Custom Homes
“Free Designs” means making the homes that customers envision.

●Reasonable Pricing
Making life easier by providing “the best houses at the lowest price.”

●Supporting the “Long-life quality housing”
Long-lasting housing that can continue to be passed on to the next generation.

Foundation Structure/
Earthquake Protection

“Foundations that fully secure houses” TamaHome utilizes reinforced concrete raft foundations for earthquake protection and durability. These houses can withstand shocks from earthquakes up to 1.25 times the level regulated by the Building Standards Act. The foundation structure is fundamental to building homes that provide security for the future.

Energy Conservation
“Saving the Energy required for a Home”

TamaHome’s housing fulfills the standard of energy conservation for the next generation. Cutting ultraviolet light and heat insulation leads to reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions produced in our daily lives. TamaHome’s housing provides great heat insulation by applying “Low-E multilayered glass”* which increases air cooling and heating as well as using optimal heat insulation materials for the walls, floors, and ceilings. This reduces the life-cycle cost of a home.

*Low-E multilayered glass: Low Emissivity multilayered glass.


“Building homes that families can love longer” TamaHome utilizes the timber framework method which is suitable for the Japanese climate and improves the durability of the home by using ventilation. This process maintains a dry home. In addition, the high durability, longevity, and comfortableness of our homes is attained by using various sustainability measures such as using anticorrosion steel foundation posts and 4inch square cypress groundwork, in contrast to the regulated 3.5inch square standard, which can more effectively repeal termites.