Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance and Internal
Policies at TamaHome

Corporate Governance

TamaHome places corporate governance as one of our key challenges for management. A clear management policy for efficiency and transparency is fundamental. We make fast and appropriate decisions which is necessary to earn a high level of trust from our stakeholders.

Internal Policies

We are implementing several internal policies with regard to achieving our four goals of “effectiveness and efficiency in our work” “reliability in our financial reporting” “adherence to laws and regulations related to our business activities” and “conserving resources”.

In addition, “compliance provisions” are put in place to ensure adhering to laws as well as remaining fair and ethical. We strive to make all of the employees in the TamaHome Group aware of these policies by establishing a compliance committee.

Sponsorship Activities

Supporting art, culture, and sports events not only contributes to our own business, but it also educates children and invigorates communities. Being intellectually encouraged by coming into contact with a wide variety of the art and culture of the world expands our business fields, develops our sensitivity and sense of culture, and enriches our lives. We want to inspire people to dream and hope through the various events we sponsor. We would like everybody to feel peace of mind. We continue our sponsorship activities based on these hopes for communities.

We contribute to further enriching society in the future while working to better lives through the houses we build.

  • Tohoku Six-Soul Festival

  • Heisei NAKAMURA-ZA
    Japanese traditional
    drama performed
    by male actors.

  • Fukuoka2009 City Marathons