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President's Message

In 1998, TamaHome started operations as a late entrant in Japan’s market for custom-built homes. We grew by leveraging our skill in the use of conventional construction methods to supply homes at low prices. Our goal was to create a new category of the housing market: low-cost, high-quality homes. Initially, we had to fight the mistaken tendency of people to equate low prices with poor quality. But we had identified a significant need. We succeeded at fulfilling this need by supplying low-priced houses with the outstanding quality that met our customers’ expectations. By building these houses, we earned a reputation for trust among our customers. In FY 2019, the number of houses we constructed and sold since our inception surpassed 130,000. I am very grateful for the support of all our stakeholders that was vital to making this achievement possible.

In FY 2019, due to production leveling and product price revision, our housing business and detached homes business that are the core of our businesses showed strong performances of orders and the sales of homes kept increasing for 4 years in a row. As a result, we posted the biggest net sales and operating income in our history.

We are making steady progress regarding our medium-term management plan’s central objective of “winning the top share of our constructed custom-built detached homes in owner-occupied houses in Japan.” To accomplish this goal, everyone at TamaHome is dedicated to enlarging our product and service lineup in order to serve an even broader range of customer segments.

The TamaHome Group is concentrating resources on the custom-built home business while refocusing management on the principles that defined our company at its inception. Our activities are aimed at creating a new nucleus for our business operations in order to achieve sustained growth.

By implementing numerous initiatives for more growth of our corporate value, we are determined to continue to meet the expectations of our shareholders.