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Statements of Income


(unit: millions of yen)
Net sales256,065247,733
Cost of sales194,428188,881
Gross profit61,63758,852
Selling, general and administrative expenses48,37246,265
Operating profit13,26412,586
Non-operating income
Interest income22
Dividend income00
Rental income from land and buildings2826
Purchase discounts8089
Foreign exchange gains162215
Insurance claim income469
Penalty income175179
Total non-operating income621661
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses191185
Share of loss of entities accounted for using equity method273
Total non-operating expenses409370
Ordinary profit13,47712,877
Extraordinary income
Gain on sale of non-current assets13
Gain on sale of investment securities-0
Total extraordinary income14
Extraordinary losses
Loss on sale of non-current assets11
Loss on retirement of non-current assets90123
Impairment losses17524
Settlement payments62-
Total extraordinary losses329149
Profit before income taxes13,14912,732
Income taxes - current5,4452,611
Income taxes - deferred-1,0311,356
Total income taxes4,4143,967
Profit attributable to non-controlling interests2012
Profit attributable to owners of parent8,7158,752