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Balance Sheets


(unit: millions of yen)
Current assets
Cash and deposits34,32326,105
Notes receivable - trade7172
Accounts receivable from completed construction contracts340421
Accounts receivable - trade930791
Operating loans1,474152
Real estate for sale18,71823,185
Costs on construction contracts in progress7,8323,642
Real estate for sale in process18,5157,009
Other inventories6351,197
Allowance for doubtful accounts-6-38
Total current assets84,48264,287
Non-current assets
Property, plant and equipment
Buildings and structures23,60824,300
Accumulated depreciation-14,792-15,346
Buildings and structures, net8,8158,954
Machinery, equipment and vehicles5,9826,344
Accumulated depreciation-2,277-3,053
Machinery, equipment and vehicles, net3,7053,291
Leased assets4930
Accumulated depreciation-40-27
Leased assets, net83
Construction in progress611
Accumulated depreciation-542-591
Other, net201203
Total property, plant and equipment19,15318,814
Intangible assets1,1541,152
Investments and other assets
Investment securities313324
Long-term loans receivable6462
Deferred tax assets3,0541,734
Allowance for doubtful accounts-541-539
Total investments and other assets6,7185,333
Total non-current assets27,02625,300
Total assets111,50889,587
Current liabilities
Notes payable, accounts payable for construction contracts and other18,45017,390
Accrued expenses8,1584,030
Short-term borrowings12,9155,963
Current portion of long-term borrowings1,7281,208
Income taxes payable3,7042,419
Advances received on construction contracts in progress17,6308,082
Provision for warranties for completed construction1,4971,695
Provision for bonuses243240
Total current liabilities69,02345,320
Non-current liabilities
Long-term borrowings3,8031,966
Asset retirement obligations1,8221,849
Total non-current liabilities7,5705,938
Total liabilities76,59351,259
Net assets
Shareholders' equity
Share capital4,3104,310
Capital surplus4,2804,280
Retained earnings27,72431,259
Treasury shares-1,450-1,451
Total shareholders' equity34,86438,398
Accumulated other comprehensive income
Valuation difference on available-for-sale securities1420
Deferred gains or losses on hedges40
Foreign currency translation adjustment-6-122
Total accumulated other comprehensive income11-102
Non-controlling interests3931
Total net assets34,91538,327
Total liabilities and net assets111,50889,587